<> Key Evidence

1. Evidence directly related to the kidnapping or murder
(1)  Rail 16: the ladder evidence
(2)  Symbol on note left in nursery that matched symbol on ransom notes
(3)  Sleeping suit sent to Condon
(4)  Eyewitness placing Hauptmann near Lindbergh home on day of kidnapping
(5)  Hauptmann's conviction in Germany for a second-story break-in

2.  Evidence related only to ransom demands
(1)  Dr. Condon's description of "John"
(2)  Lindbergh's voice identification of Hauptmann
(3)  Taxi driver identification of Hauptmann as passer of $10 gold note
(4)  Hauptmann quitting job the day after ransom was paid
(5)  $50,000 unexplained dollars showing up in Hauptmann's account
(6)  $14,000 in gold notes found in Hauptmann's garage
(7)  Handwriting on ransom notes matching Hauptmann's samples
(8)  Identified as passer of gold notes by movie theater cashier
(9)  Dr. Condon's phone number discovered in Hauptmann's closet