Excerpts from the Testimony of Zacarias Moussaoui

Testimony in the Death Penalty Eligibility Phase (March 23, 2006)
Defense Attorney Gerald Zerkin:
You lied to [Minnesota FBI] Agent Samit, is that correct?
Moussaoui: That’s correct.
Zerkin: And why did you lie to him?
Moussaoui: Because I wanted my mission to go ahead....

Testimony in the Penalty Phase (April 13, 2006)

U. S. Attorney Robert Spencer:  You told the jury that you have no regret for your part in any of this?

Moussaoui:   I just wish it will happen on the 12th, the 13th, the 14th, the 15th, the 16th, the 17th, and I can go on and on.
No remorse?

Moussaoui:  There is no remorse for justice.

Spencer:  You also enjoyed the testimony about the attack on the Pentagon?

Moussaoui:  Definitely.

Spencer:  You smiled at times during that testimony, didn’t you?

Moussaoui:  That’s for sure. I would have even laughed if I didn’t know that I would be kicked out of the court.

Spencer:  Right. You enjoyed seeing the Pentagon on fire?
My pleasure.

Spencer:  And you remember hearing Lt. Col. John Thurman describe he had to crawl out with his face against the floor to save his life?
Moussaoui:  He was pathetic.

Spencer:  You enjoyed that, didn’t you?
Moussaoui:  I was regretful he didn’t die.

Spencer:  Well, here is somebody who did die. [A victim’s picture is shown on the courtroom’s screens.] Do you remember that gentleman?
Moussaoui:  I remember his wife, the blond-haired girl.

Spencer:  That’s Vince Tolbert, who worked for the United States Navy, right? He was killed on 9/11 in the Pentagon.
Moussaoui:  Yes, the one that said to her children that some bad people have killed her husband. And she forgot to tell to her children that her husband was working classified, something about targeting.

Spencer:  And it made you particularly happy that he was killed that day, correct?
Moussaoui:  Make my day.

Spencer:  Do you remember the testimony of Lt. McKeown?

Moussaoui: The woman like was talking about: Where are my boy, where are my boy?

Spencer:  Right. Sobbing in that very chair because the people under her command were killed. Do you remember that?

Moussaoui:  I think it was disgusting for a military person to pretend that they should not be killed as an act of war. She is military. She should expect that people who are at war with her will try to kill her. I will never, I will never cry because an American bombed my camp.

Spencer: And you were happy that her two men were killed that day?
Moussaoui: Make my day.
Spencer:  All right. You were happy that every single person who came in here sad, telling about the effect that you and your brothers [had], you were happy about all that, weren’t you? No regret, no remorse—right, Mr. Moussaoui?
Moussaoui:  No regret, no remorse.

Spencer:   Like it to all happen again, right?
Moussaoui:  Every day, until we get here to you.

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