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The McMartin Preschool in Manhatttan Beach, California
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The McMartin Preschool Trials
by Douglas Linder (c) 2003 
"They're putting on witnesses who they know are lying.  They concealed exonerating evidence.  Don't we have enough criminal conduct by the prosecutors to put them behind bars?"
"It doesn't work that way," the lawyer laughed.  "The law is just for the little people.  When we break the rules we go to jail.  When they break the rules they go to lunch...."
"But what about the law?" the woman gasped.  "What about the Constitution?"
"I'm afraid that's just one of those nice, comforting fantasies like the tooth fairy.  There are two classes of people.  Those who hold power and those who do not.  And in any dispute the guys who hold power will decide which way it's going to go....I hope you understand that this is not about child abuse, just as McCarthyism was not about Communists."
--- Eberle, Paul and Shirley. The Abuse of Innocence: The McMartin Preschool Trial  ( 1993) (reporting a discussion between a friend of the Buckeys and a defense lawyer)
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