Clinic Graduate and Professor Mary Kay O’Malley


The UMKC Child & Family Services Clinic provides students an opportunity to represent parents, relatives and custodians needing assistance to obtain custodial orders to achieve permanency for children.  Under the supervision of a Professor Mary Kay O’Malley, the students provide legal services in areas such as:


UMKC Child & Family Law Program

Law in Service to Children and Families

University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law

· Probate Guardianship

· Adoption

· Paternity, Child Custody, Support and Visitation

· Divorce

· Modifications

In this clinic law students have the opportunity to establish an attorney-client relationship and practice all the skills they will need to be successful practitioners in a supervised environment.  The student attorneys enter into employment agreements with clients, conduct factual investigations, develop case strategies, prepare written discovery, study relevant substantive and procedural law, draft and file pleadings, prepare witnesses and present evidence in actual court hearings. Students also have an opportunity to learn what happens after the hearing by advising clients of relevant appeal issues and timeframes, taking steps to effectuate the court’s orders (such as income assignments for child support), preparing proposed judgments, and sending closing letters with case documents to their clients. Clinic students learn about Missouri’s child protection system and the juvenile court.  Students receive additional training from allied experts in  domestic violence, drug testing, and public entitlement programs.  

Referrals for legal services come from community partners with the UMKC Child & Family Services Clinic such as the Missouri Children’s Division, the Jackson County Juvenile Office, the Office of the Guardian ad Litem, CASA, Legal Aid of Western Missouri, Children’s Mercy Hospital and members of the Missouri Bar. 


             For questions, please call the clinic office at (816) 235-6336.