UMKC Child & Family Law Faculty


June Carbone, Edward A. Smith/Missouri Chair of Law, teaches Family Law, Assisted Reproduction, Bioethics, and Property.  

Mary Kay Kisthardt, Professor of Law, teaches Elder Law, Family Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation. 

Barbara Glesner Fines, Ruby M. Hulen Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Faculty, teaches Family Law, Professional Responsibility, Ethics of Family Representation and co-teaches the Seminar in Family Violence.

Mary Kay O’Malley, Clinical Associate Professor, directs the Child and Family Services Clinic,  the Guardian Ad Litem Workshop, and the Jackson County Youth Court.

Nancy Levit, Curator’s and Edward D. Ellison Professor of Law, teaches Gender and Justice, Employment Discrimination, Jurisprudence and Torts. 

Wanda Temm, Director of Legal Writing and Clinical Professor of Law.  Professor Temm, directs the first-year legal writing program and, in that program, teaches the specialized family law section.

Peter Raith, Adjunct Professor of Law, teaches Juvenile Offenders and the Law.  He is the principal of the Raith Law Firm, providing representation to juveniles and parents in delinquency, abuse and neglect actions.  

Mary Weir, Adjunct Professor of Law, co-teaches the Seminar in Family Violence.  She is the contract attorney for Hope House and other domestic violence shelters in the Kansas City metropolitan region.

Janelle Jennings Drummond, Adjunct Professor of Law, coaches the Family Law Moot Court team and is the former director of the Jackson County Family Court Clerkship Program.

Larry D. Wright, Adjunct Professor of Law, co-teaches the Divorce Practice and Procedures Class. 



L to R, Mary Weir, Barbara Glesner Fines, Peter Raith, June Carbone, Mary Kay O’Malley, Mary Kay Kisthardt, Nancy Levit, Wanda Temm



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