Barbara Glesner Fines

Associate Dean for Faculty Development

Ruby M. Hulen Professor of Law

University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law



Office:            500 East 52nd Street                                    

Kansas City, MO 64110

(816) 235-2380 (phone)




LL.M. 1986 Yale University Law School, New Haven, Connecticut

Senior Editor, Yale Journal of International Law

Research Assistant to Professors Boris Bittker & W. Michael Reisman


J.D. (cum laude) 1983 University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Law

Assistant Managing Editor, Wisconsin Law Review;

Member, National Moot Court Team

Teaching Fellow - Legal Research & Writing Program


B. Ph. 1980 Grand Valley State University (Thomas Jefferson College),

Allendale, Michigan.

Phi Kappa Phi honorary,

Selected as Distinguished Alumnus 1998




Full-time Positions


1986 - Present                                   

University of Missouri -Kansas City School of Law  


Current Courses Taught: Professional Responsibility, Ethical Issues in the Representation of Families, Family Law, Seminar in Family Violence (co-teach), Poverty Law, Entrepreneurial Lawyering: Solo & Small Firm Practice (co-teach)


Current Clinical Courses: Legal Aid Externship, Family Court Clerkship (co-teach).


Past Courses Taught: Guardian ad Litem Workshop (co-teach), Family Law & Film, Poverty Law, Property I & II, Civil Procedure I & II, Remedies Jurisprudence, Lawyering Skills, Federal Income Tax, Federal Tax Fraud & Procedure, Federal Jurisdiction, Seminar in Great Lawyers



University of Oklahoma College of Law, Norman, Oklahoma

Visiting Assistant Professor of Law

            Courses taught: Civil Procedure I & II, Business Organizations



University of Cincinnati College of Law, Cincinnati, Ohio

Visiting Instructor of Law

Courses taught: Legal Writing & Appellate Advocacy


Visiting Positions:

Spring 2003

University of IllinoisUrbana Champaign College of Law

Visiting Professor of Law

Courses: Professional Responsibility, Civil Procedure


Summers 1992, 1994

University of Iowa College of Law

Visiting Professor of Law

Courses: Professional Responsibility, Lawyering Skills, Law Practice Management


Summer 1992

University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Law Summer 1992

Visiting Professor of Law

Course: Civil Procedure II


Summer 1985 & 1998


Council for Legal Educational Opportunity Summer Institute






Ethical Issues in Family Representation (2010 Carolina Academic Press)


Professional Responsibility: A Collaborative Approach (Context and Skills Series)(forthcoming 2011 Carolina Academic Press)




Glesner Fines, Barbara.  Balancing Interests and Pursuing Priorities is Serving Victims of Domestic Violence - A Comparison of Approaches in the United States and Ireland. In Balancing Interests and Pursuing Priorities in International Family Law   (L. Wardle, ed.) (2007)


Chemersky, Erwin and Glesner Fines, Barbara. Constitutionality of the Bankruptcy Reform Act. In Attorney Liability in Bankruptcy (ABA 2006)


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Fundamental Principles and Challenges of Humanizing Legal Education, 47 Washburn Law Review 313 (2008)

Ethical Issues in Collaborative Lawyering, 21 Journal of American Academy Matrimonial Laywers 141 (2008)


            Reprinted in Jana Singer & Jane Murphy, eds., Resolving Family          Conflicts (Ashgate 2009)


            Reprinted in Massachusetts Collaborative Law Journal.


With Cathy Madsen, Caring, Competence and the Family Law Attorney, 75 UMKC Law Review 965 (2007)


            Reprinted in the January/February and March/April 2009 issues of the Minnesota   Family Law Journal


With Kisthardt, Mary Kay. Making Room at the Table: Reconceptualizing the Legal System’s Use of Child Custody Evaluation, Family Court Review, (Spring 2005)


Almost Pro Bono: Appointed Attorney Representation in Family Court, 72 UMKC Law Review 337  (2003).


The Impact of Expectations on Teaching and Learning Law, 38 Gonzaga Law Review 89 (2002/03).


From Representing "Clients" to Serving "Recipients": Transforming the Role of the IV-D Child Support Enforcement Attorney, 67 Fordham Law Review 2155 (1999).


Competition and the Curve, 65 UMKC Law Review 879 (Summer 1997).


Post-Conference Reflection: Looking Ahead at Lawyer Liability to Non-Clients, South Texas Law Review 37 South Texas Law Review 1283 (October 1996).


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Election of Remedies in Missouri, 63 UMKC Law Review 599 (Summer 1995).


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The Ethics of Emergency Lawyering, 5 Georgetown Journal Of Legal Ethics 317-92 (Fall 1991).


Fear and Loathing in the Law School, 23 Connecticut Law Review 627-68 (1991).




Teaching and Learning Law -- A Resource Compendium on Legal Education Pedagogy  (includes a number of my short articles on various teaching topics)


Stress & Legal Education (1999 web article at

            Reprinted in ABA Law Student Division Mental Health Toolkit (2008)


Law School Materials for Success (1998)(distributed to law schools through Teaching & Learning Law website:


Researching Professional Responsibility (1997) (web article at


The Rewards and Risks of Authoring a Web Site, In Lessons from The Web, Jurist (August 1998)





Ross Essay: Clients as Teachers, ABA Journal (August 2005)


Annotated Bibliography: Elder Law, 1995-2000,  16 Journal Of The Academy Of Matrimonial Lawyers 593 (2000).


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The Same Old Alternative: Ending It: Dispute Resolution in America, (Book Review) Urban Lawyer (Summer 1989).




Dispute Resolution Problems


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Minerals and Memories in SALSICH & JOHNSON, CASES & MATERIALS IN PROPERTY, Teachers Guide (1990).


Lesson Guide: Triplett v. Beuckman in SHOBEN & TABB, REMEDIES: CASES AND PROBLEMS, Teachers Guide (2d ed. 1996).


Computer Assisted Instruction Programs (published through CALI


          Interpreting the Language of Conveyances  (1996)

          Sources of Law Regulating the Practice of Law (1999)

          Admission to Practice (2000)

          Bases for Attorney Discipline (2000)

          Choosing and Withdrawing from Representation (2001)

          Fees (2002)

          Client or Not? (2002)

          Equitable Remedies - An Overview (2003)

          Characterizing Remedies  (2003)

          History of Equity (2003)

          The Policy Debate over Attorney's Fees Rules (2004)

          Tracing (2004)

          Election of Remedies Doctrines (2004)

          Non-Economic Damages: Proof and Argument (2004)

          Recovery of Attorneys Fees (2004)

          Distinguishing Confidentiality & Attorney-Client Privilege (2007)

          Appeal of Injunctions (2007)

          Active Listening Skills (2007




Editor/Author, Family Law Prof Blog (with associate editor, Professor Nancy VerSteegh) 2004-2009


Advisory Board, Legal Education Abstracts, (SSRN 2005 – 2008)


Editorial Board Member, Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction, (2002 – 2007)




UMKC School of Law:

  • Associate Dean for Faculty Development 2008- present
  • Co-Director of Family Law Program.  1999-present
  • Co-director Academic Support Program 1992 – 2005
  • Director, Council for Legal Education Opportunity Summer Institute  1999
  • Elected to Law School’s Executive Committee and Policy and Planning Committee (1992-93; 1997-2001; 2004-date -- Chair 1999-2000; 2007-08)



  • Member of UMKC Faculty Senate (1994-2000)
    Chair of Administrative Issue Committee, 1996-2000
    Vice-Chair of Senate (2000)
  • Member of Assessment Task Forces & Self-Study Programs
    NCA Accreditation Committee on Assessment 1997-98
    UMKC Taskforce on Accreditation Databases, 1998-99
    Chancellor’s Extended Cabinet 2001-2002
    Campus Assessment Committee 2004 – date
  • Chair of Campus Accreditation Criterion 2 Committee 2007-09



  • Founder and Director, UMKC Law Teaching Development Program ( 2009- current
  • Advisory Board Institute for Law School Teaching (2003-current; Acting Co-director 2005-2007)
  • Treasurer, 2009 AALS Section on Teaching Methods
  • Executive Committee, 2009 AALS Section of Professional Responsibility
  • Member, CLEA Best Practices in Legal Education Implementation Committee, 2005-current
  • Member, Family Law Education Reform Project (2004-current)
  • Member of Executive Committee, AALS Section on Family and Juvenile Law (2004-06)
  • Member of Board of Directors, Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction 1998-2005 (President 2002-2005)

·         Association of American Law Schools, Section on Academic Support, Founding member of Executive Board, 1997-2000; Chair, 2000-01

·         Officer, Central States Law School Association

Secretary 98-99; Vice-President 99-2000, President, 2000-01




“Incorporating Formative Assessment into the Classroom” Legal Education at the Crossroads III, University of Colorado, Denver 2009


“Teaching Controversial Subjects”  Midwest Family Law Consortium Conference, 2009


“20 Questions for Assessment” Assessment Plenary, Legal Education at the Crossroads, University of Washington, 2008.


"Best Practices in Legal Education - Formation of Professional Identity," ABA Center for Professional Responsibility Annual Conference, Boston, Mass., 2008.


"Laptops in the Classroom," Program Chair, AALS Teaching Methods Section, New York, NY, January 2008.


“Themes of Humanizing Legal Education," Keynote, Humanizing Legal Education Conference, Washburn University, Topeka, KS., 2007.


“Legal Education at the Crossroads”, Invited Discussant, University of South Carolina, 2007.


“New Directions in Teaching and Learning," Conference Organizer, Institute for Law School Teaching, Boston, Mass. 2007.

"Learning by Doing: Service Learning & Field Observation," Institute For Law School Teaching, Chicago Illinois, 2006.


"Working with Students: Practical Strategies for Active Stress Intervention," AALS Workshop on the Search for Balance in the Whirlwind of Law School, with Marty Peters, Washington DC, 2006.

"Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Teaching Family Law," Institute for Law School Teaching Spring Conference , Villanova Law School, 2005.

"Family Law Education Reform," Invited Discussant, AFCC/Hofstra Law School Conference on Family Law Reform, 2004.

 "Diffusing a Curriculum with Diversity," National Association for Mulitcultural Education National Conference, Kansas City MO, 2004.

"How Today's Students Learn ," ABA Section of Legal Education and Admission to the Bar: Pedagogy to Practice Conference, Newark, New Jersey, 2004.



  • University of Missouri Leadership Development Program (2008-09)
  • ABA Ross Essay Contest Award (2005)
  • Tiera Farrow Faculty Award (2005)
  • UMKC Center for the City Faculty Fellows Award (2002-03)
  • UMKC Diversity Curriculum Infusion Program Fellowship (2002-03)
  • CALI Remedies Fellowship (2002-03)
  • UMKC Elmer F. Pierson Teaching Award (2001)
  • CALI, Fellowship in Professional Responsibility (2000-01)
  • Distinguished Alumnus, Grand Valley State University (1998)
  • Computer-Assisted Instruction program - first-place in the Trautman Competition for Authorship of Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (1996)
  • Grant, Missouri IOLTA Foundation (to continue Child & Family Services Clinic)
  • Grant, Missouri Legislature (to establish Child & Family Services Clinic) (2001-05)
  • Grant, American Bar Association, Council on Legal Education Opportunity (summer institute)(1999)
  • Grant, Gonzaga University Institute for Law Teaching (With Julie Cheslik, to study uses of peer teachers in law schools)(1993)
  • Grant, Missouri IOLTA Foundation (to establish student pro bono clerk project) (1991)




  • Licensed Member of the Wisconsin and Missouri Bars
  • American Bar Association Center for Professional Responsibility (ABA)
  • American Bar Association Family Law Section
  • Association of Family & Conciliation Courts
  • American Association of Law Schools Sections on Family & Juvenile Law, Teaching Methods, Professional Responsibility
  • Missouri Bar Association
  • Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association
  • Founding member, Kansas City Regional Network for Battered Immigrants (MOSAIC)