Summer Academic Enrichment

University of Missouri
Kansas City School of Law



Suppose someone dumped a box full of jig-saw puzzle pieces on your table and told you to put the picture together.  You would likely ask, “What’s the picture?”  Law school can sometimes feel like the process of putting together a jigsaw puzzle without knowing what you building toward.  The Summer Academic Enrichment Program is designed to help students see the “big picture” of law school learning right at the beginning of law school.  Each day focuses on a "stage" of law school learning: orientation, preparing for class, class, after-class review, preparing for exams & taking exams.  The skills of reading, writing and thinking at each of these stages is addressed through simulated classes, direct teaching of study skills, written and oral exercises, and individual meetings with students.  Students worked with Professor Glesner Fines' Law School Materials for Success and cases and statutes designed according to the subject matter areas of the participating faculty.

The 2012 program will be taught by Professor Dan Weddle, Director of Academic Support; Associate Dean Barbara Glesner Fines and Professor Judith Popper.  The program schedule runs from Wednesday, August 8, 2012 to Tuesday, August 14, 2012.








 Graphic from Breakthroughs Magazine, December 1990, page 94  (Published by Family Media, Inc. NY, NY, from 1990-1991)