Images Relating to the Oklahoma City Bombing and Trial of Timothy McVeigh

Before the Bombing
McVeigh in army uniform
McVeigh being interviewed by a reporter in Waco in 1993 (Merville/Gamma Liason)
Michael Fortier (CNN)
Murrah Federal Building before the bombing

Between Bombing and Trial
Murrah Federal Building after bombing
Diagram showing failure boundaries of Murrah Building
Diagram showing Ryder truck location and bomb crater
Fire fighter at bombing scene
McVeigh's abandoned getaway car on I-35 in Oklahoma (AP)
Mugshot of McVeigh on 4-19-1995
TIME magazine cover featuring McVeigh

The Trials & Execution
McVeigh with his defense attorneys (Stephen Jones on right)(AP)
McVeigh leaving courthouse (AP)
Government Exhibit 429B: The T-shirt worn by McVeigh on day of bombing
Prosecutor Joseph Hartzler
Prosecution team celebrates conviction (AP)
Terry Nichols during his trial
Execution chamber at federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana

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