Selected Testimony of Susan Hayes in Sam Sheppard's 1954 Murder Trial

PARRINO: "And where did you remain that night [referring to a night in March 1954 when Sheppard took Hayes to a party at the home of Dr. Arthur Miller in Los Angeles]?"
HAYES: "At the Millers'."

PARRINO:  "And where did Dr. Sam spend the night?"
HAYES:  "At the Millers'."

PARRINO: "Did you occupy the same room?"

PARRINO:  "The same bed?"

PARRINO:..."When was the first time [you had sexual relations with Sam]?"
"When I was working at Bay View hospital the first time, just before I left in December, 1952."

PARRINO:  "And did those intimate relations continue in the next six months while you were working in the Cleveland clinic?"
HAYES:  "Yes."

PARRINO:  "And did you continue to have intimate relations when you returned to work in Bay View hospital?"
HAYES:   "Yes."

PARRINO:  "Where did these relations take place?"
HAYES: "In automobiles and in the apartment above the Fairview clinic.”

PARRINO:  "Did Sam ever mention to you the possibility of his getting a divorce?"  

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