Selected Testimony of Officer Fred Drenkan in Sam Sheppard's 1954 Murder Trial


Q. Did you ask Sam whether one or two men attacked him?

A. I asked him and he said he did not know.

Q. Did you ask him if he could identify his attacker?

A. He said all he could recall about the man upstairs was that he wore some­thing white on the upper portion of his body.

Q. Did you ask him why he didn't drown when he was rolling in the waves on the beach?

A. He said he believed he survived be­cause his head was toward the beach.

Q. What did he say happened to his T-shirt?

A. He said he didn't know.

Q. How did he explain the finding of his watch and key chain in a bag on the grounds?

A. He didn't know.

Q. Did he know if the man who attacked him on the beach was the same man who hit him in the upstairs hall? A. He said he didn't know. The form on the beach was larger than he, wore dark clothing, and had bushy hair...


A.  I learned, that from such a light it was possible from halfway up the stairs to look into the bedroom and make out the upper portion of the bed and see a man standing there if he was wearing a white shirt. But when a man with a dark shirt stood by the bed he could not be seen....

A.  I felt he was a very capable doctor.  He was always cool, calm, collected, and even-tempered. In all the time I knew him I never saw him become angry....

Q.  Although you were the man who arrested Sam for murder, you still kept looking for the murderer?

A.   We continued to make an investigation of the case.

Q.  And you are still looking for the murderer?

A.  We are still making our investigation.


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