The Trial of Louis Riel: Selected Images

Images Relating to the 1869-1870 Resistance
Riel with his 1870 Council
William McDougall
The Execution of Thomas Scott
Thomas Scott
Sir John A. Macdonald (painting by Thomas Horsburgh)

Images Relating to the 1885 North-West Rebellion
Riel on Horseback with Rebel Leaders (drawing by William Bengough, 1885)
Troops Leave Winnipeg in April 1885 to Quell Rebellion*
Troops Move through Touchwood Hills Toward Site of Rebellion*
Sharpshooters Return from Rebellion (at Carleton)*
Metis Prisoners Outside Regina Court House, 1885*
Gabriel Dumont
General Frederick Middleton*

Images of Louis Riel
Riel Seated
Riel Standing*
Riel Addresses Jury
Riel as Prisoner Outside Tent

*Images from the National Archives of Canada

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