Note with respect to photos contained on the Famous Trials Website:

It is extremely difficult--if not impossible in many cases--to determine whether photos are under copyright protection and, if so, who the owner of the copyright might be.  It also is difficult to determine whether the fair use doctrine might protect the use of copyrighted photos on an educational, non-commercial site such as mine.

So I make a promise to owners of copyrights of photos that might appear on this site.  Contact me and I will either (1) immediately remove the photo from the site, or (2) indicate your ownership of the copyright for the photo and inform visitors to the site where they might purchase rights for use of the photo, including a link to any site you might request.  Many people contact me with questions regarding how they might obtain rights to a particular photo, and I believe my site can serve the economic interests of copyright holders, should you choose the second option.

I have no funds available for the purchase of  photo rights.  Thanks.

Doug Linder