Reward for Arsonists (April 11, 1741)

New York City, showing location of Hughson's Tavern
(History of American Women website)

Order'd that this board Request his honour the Lieut. Governor to Issue a Proclamation Offering a Reward to any white person, that Shall Discover any person or persons lately Concern'd in Setting fire to any Dwelling House, or Store House in this City.  (So tthat Such person or persons As be Convicted thereof) the Sum of One hundred pounds.  Current Money of this Province, and that Such person Shall be pardon'd if Concern'd therein.  And any Slave that Shall Make Such Discovery to be Manumitted or made free.  And the Master of Such Slave to Receive Twenty five pounds, therefor.  And the Slave to Receive beside his freedom the Sum of Twenty pounds, and to be pardon'd.  And if a free Negro, Mulattor or Indian, to Receive forty five pounds.  And also to be pardon'd if Concern'd therein.

[Minutes of the Common Council of New York, April 11, 1741]

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