The Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy: Images
 Lincoln Assassination and Its Immediate Aftermath

Playbill for Performance of Our American Cousin at Ford's Theatre (4/14/1865)

Sketch of Assassination
(Harper's Weekly)

Sketch of Booth Fleeing
(Harper's Weekly)

Booth Leaves Theatre on Horseback

Last Photo of Lincoln

Presidential Box at Ford's

Flag (rediscovered in 2001)from Presidential Box

Bridge Across "Eastern Branch" to Anacostia
(escape route)

Lincoln Funeral Procession

Powell Readies to Attack Frederick Seward

Sketch of Powell's Attack on Secretary Seward

Home of Mary Surratt


War Department Wanted Poster

Members of the  Conspiracy & Their Arrests

John Wilkes Booth

Lewis [Payne] Powell

David Herold

Samuel Arnold

Michael O' Laughlen

John Surratt

Edman Spangler

Mary Surratt

Dr. Samuel Mudd

George Atzerodt

Lewis Powell (manacled)

Lewis Powell (hooded)

Sketch of Dr. Mudd and Mary Surratt

Sgt. Boston Corbett 
(man who shot Booth)

Arrest of Atzerodt

Scene at Garrett's Farm

Uncle Sam's Menagerie
(cartoon showing conspirators as "Gallow's Birds')


Trial & Execution of the Assassination

Sketch of Counsel, Defendants & Commission Members
(Harper's Weekly, 6/1865)

Exterior of the Arsenal Building (scene of trial)

Military Commission

Samuel Arnold (hooded, awaiting arraignment)

Engraving of trial, showing prisoners & Commission

Sketch of Trial Scene

Courtroom Interior

Defense Attorney Captain William Doster

Prosecution Witness Louis Weichmann

Hoods Used in Cells

Atzerodt in Cell on Day of Execution

Powell in Cell on Day of Execution

Herold in Cell on Day of Execution

Preparing the Ropes for Hanging

Four Convicted Conspirators Hanging

Lincoln Assassination 
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