Famous Trials
by Douglas O. Linder (2007)
This will be the page to find the Famous Trials Forum, a place for the discuss both famous trials issues and how to best bring famous trials materials to life in classrooms from middle school to law school to elderhostels.  I plan in 2007 to begin posting messages about the famous website (both messages of praise and criticism), questions--and, sometimes, answers--about famous trials covered on the site, and messages concerning ideas from teachers concerning their classroom experiences with famous trials materials.  If I had two lives, one to devote to Famous Trials and one to devote to everything else, I'd post messages and responses here on a daily basis.  As it is, however, the postings will be more irregular than that.  I look forward to hearing from users of Famous Trials, and in building a community of persons interested in justice issues as they relate to historic trials. 
(Comments concerning my other large website, Exploring Constitutional Law, might also be posted here from time to time.)  --Douglas O. Linder

Please send any comments or suggestions concerning this famous trials website to:


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Some messages will be posted on this website.  If you prefer not to have your message to me posted here, please so indicate in your message.  I try to answer most messages, but I often am unable (because of the volume of such requests) to answer specific requests for information about famous trials.  If I can supply a quick answer without researching, I will. Sorry, I may not be able to return long-distance phone calls. During the months of July and August, I am often out of my office for extended periods and unable to respond to or post e-mail.

I receive many requests for copyright permission for images.  I do not have the time to reply to them.  Images from 1923 and earlier are in the public domain and anyone may republish them.

Thanks for your interest in the Famous Trials website.

Douglas O. Linder

Memo to Critics (Purpose and Goals of Site)

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