Cartoon History
To commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the Sioux Uprising in 1962, the St. Paul Pioneer Press published "The Picture Story of the Sioux Uprising" by Jerry Fearing.  The cartoon sets below are taken from that much larger work.

To read the full story (in pdf format), click on the following link: The Picture Story of the Sioux Uprising

 Excerpts from Fearing's cartoon history are below:

Cartoon Set 1: Trials and Execution
Cartoon Set 2: First Violence
Cartoon Set 3: Last Battle  & Surrender


Set 1:Trials and Executions
On September 28, 1862, two days after the Indians released their white prisoners to Col. Sibley, a military court began trying the Sioux braves.  Five officers, with the Rev. Stephen Riggs as interpreter, were to decide which warriors were guilty of taking part in the uprising.
Various promises and threats were used to gain the surrender of the hundreds of Sioux in the area.  Some were tricked into gathering at the upper agency for "an annuity payment"--- only to be disarmed and held for trial.

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