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Tee Shot: Reynolds vs.United States, the first Supreme Court decision considering the application of the free exercise clause to religiously motivated conduct, involved what conduct?

(A) Snake handling (B) Human sacrifice (C) Peyote ingestion (D) Polygamy

Brandenburg vs. Ohio, the Supreme Court decision articulating the modern test for subversive advocacy, involved a speech by a member of what organization?

(A) KKK   (B) American Nazi Party  (3) People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (D) Communist Party

Which of the following items has NOT been burned by a party before the Supreme Court claiming First Amendment protection for their action?

(A) A draft card  (B) An American flag (C) A bra  (D) A cross

L. B. Sullivan, plaintiff in the famous Supreme Court case, New York Times vs. Sullivan, that constitutionalized defamation law, brought his suit in what state?

(A) Alabama  (B) New York  (C) Louisiana  (D) New Jersey.

The presence of two plastic animals with a Nativity display in Pawtucket, Rhode Island helped convince the Supreme Court that the display was not an unconstitutional establishment of religion. What two animals were they?

(A) An elephant and a camel   (B) A reindeer and a camel  (C) A penguin and a platypus (D) An elephant and a reindeer

Which Justice wrote, in a case upholding the right not to salute the American flag, "If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, or religion."?

(A) Felix Frankfurter (B) Robert Jackson   (C) Earl Warren   (D) Hugo Black

Tee Shot: U. S. vs. Miller, the last Second Amendment case decided by the Supreme Court, involved what type of arms?

(A) Assault weapons  (B) Handguns (C) Sawed-off shotguns (D) Hand grenades

How did James Madison's original draft of what became the Second Amendment differ from the Amendment as it was ratified?

(A) It didn't mention "militias" (B) It specifically protected hunting (C) It protected the right to "bear" arms, but not the right to "keep" them (D) It provided that persons with religious objections could not be compelled to bear arms

What year was Miller, the last Supreme Court case interpreting the Second Amendment, decided?

(A) 1939  (B) 1957  (C)  1976  (D) 1989

What building in Washington, D. C. has the Second Amendment (minus the militia clause) engraved on it?

(A) The Justice Department (B) The N. R. A. Headquarters (C) Ducks Unlimited Headquarters  (D) Offices of the Republican National Committee
Third Amendment Hole (Par 3)

Tee Shot: What event led to the quartering of soldiers in private homes, and thus to the eventual inclusion of the Third Amendment in the Bill of Rights?

(A) Shay's Rebellion  (B) The French-Indian War  (C) The occupation of Lexington (D) The Boston Tea Party

In the only federal court of appeals decision allowing a trial to go forward on a Third Amendment claim, one judge, Irving Kaufman, dissented. Kaufman is probably best known as the presiding judge in what famous trial?

(A) Rosenbergs Trial  (B) Chicago 7 Trial  (C) John Hinckley Trial  (D) The Scopes Monkey Trial

In Engblom vs. Carey, a 1982 decision of the Second Circuit, the court found merit in a Third Amendment case involving the quartering of national guardsmen in what type of residence?

(A) Private homes (B) Apartments leased by prison guards (C) Prison Cells
(D) Trailers leased by national park rangers

What Justice cited the Third Amendment as textual support for a decision striking down a law banning the use or distribution of contraceptives?

(A) Abe Fortas (B) William Douglas  (C) William Brennan  (D) Harry Blackmun
Fourth Amendment Hole (Par 4)

Tee Shot:  Who wrote, in explaining why a government violated the Fourth Amendment: "Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding." ?

(A) Justice Harlan(B) Justice Holmes (C) Justice Brandeis (D) Justice Murphy

The first case in which the Supreme Court invalidated a drug testing program involved a Georgia law requiring candidates to take urine tests. The suit was brought by a candidate running on what ticket?

(A) Democratic (B) Republican (C) Socialist (D) Libertarian

What is required, according to the Supreme Court, of school officials before they may search the purse of a student?

(A) Reasonable suspicion that the student violated school rules or a law
(B) Reasonable suspicion that the student violated a criminal law (C) Probable cause to believe that the student violated a school rule or law  (D) Nothing: they may search a student's purse anytime

The Supreme Court found it unconstitutional to search without a warrant for evidence of marijuana using what type of equipment?

(A) Zoom photographic lenses (B) Telescopes (C) Thermal imagers (D) Odor analyzers.

What percentage of all federal suppression hearings arise out of searches that led to drug-related prosecutions?

(A) 20% (B) 40% (C) 60% (D) 80%.

The Supreme Court has held that shooting to kill a fleeing suspect is an unreasonable seizure in violation of the Fourth Amendment unless:

(A) The suspect poses an imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm to others (B) The suspect has ignored two orders to stop (C) The suspect is believed to have committed a felony (D) The suspect is believed to be carrying a firearm.

Which justice, dissenting in a 5- 4 decision upholding a mandatory drug testing program for customs officials described the program as an "immolation of privacy and human dignity in symbolic opposition to drug use"?

(A) Justice Scalia (B) Justice Marshall (C) Justice Stevens (D) Justice Brennan.
Fifth Amendment Hole (Par 5)

Tee shot: Who wasthe defendant whose appeal to the Supreme Court resulted in a decision requiring law enforcement officers, prior to questioning, to inform suspects that they have the right to remain silent?

(A) Ernesto Miranda (B) Dollree Mapp (C) Clarence Gideon (D) G. Gordon Liddy

Which of the following has NOT been identified by the Supreme Court as a factor to be analyzed in determining whether a "taking" has occurred?

(A) The drop in market value resulting from the government's action (B) Whether the government interfered with investment-backed expectations
(C) The character of the government's action (D) The value of the private property in question

In the case of Causby vs. United States, the Supreme Court upheld a farmer's claim that the Fifth Amendment required that he be compensated for the damage done by low-flying military aircraft to what animals?

(A) Turkeys (B) Chickens (C) Cattle (D) Geese

After a controversial decision finding no Fifth Amendment violation in a city purchasing private homes and then turning them over to a developer, an effort was launched to have the state of New Hampshire condemn the farmhouse belonging to which justice voting with the majority?

(A) Stevens (B) Souter (C) Breyer (D) Ginsburg

What is it that you cannot be twice put in jeopardy of losing?

(A) "liberty" or "life" (B) "limbs" or "life" (C) "limbs" or "liberty" (D) "limbs," "liberty," or "life"

The owners of what New York City landmark unsuccessfully challenged under the Fifth Amendment a landmark preservation law?

(A) Grand Central Station (B) The Guggenheim Museum (C) The Empire State Building(D) The New York Stock Exchange Building

In what other place in the Consitution do we find "due process" language identical to that found in the Fifth Amendment?

(A) Article I (B) Article IV (C) The Tenth Amendment (D) The Fourteenth Amendment

What was the context in which the Supreme Court found equal protection principles implicit within the due process clause of the Fifth Amendment, and applied them to the federal government?

(A) A public employment case (B) A public school desegregation case (D) A military academy desegregation case (D) A federal election law case

The Supreme Court takings case of Miller vs. Schoene involved a dispute between the owners of what two types of trees?

(A) Apple trees and pear trees (B) Pear trees and pine trees (C) Pear trees and oak trees (D) Apple trees and cedar trees

Chief Justice John Marshall ruled that the Fifth Amendment applied only to the actions of the federal government in a case brought by a wharf owner against what city?

(A) Baltimore (B) New York (C) Boston (D) Philadelphia
Sixth Amendment Hole (Par 4)

Tee shot: What famous defendants had their convictions overturned by the Supreme Court on the ground that their Sixth Amendment right to effective assistance of counsel had been denied?

(A) Sacco & Vanzetti (B) The Chicago 7 (C) The Hollywood 10 (D) The Scottsboro Boys

What, according to the Supreme Court, is the constitutionally required minimum number of jurors voting for conviction, on a jury of twelve, to sustain the conviction?

(A) 12  (B) 10  (C) 9  (D) 7

What, according to the Supreme Court, is the minimum number of jurors that may comprise a constitutionally sufficient jury for Sixth Amendment purposes?

(A) 12  (B) 8  (C) 6  (D) 5

The right to a jury trial is triggered when a defendant faces a possible maximum sentence of how long?

(A) One day or more (B) Three months or more (C) Six months or more (D) One year or more

Which of the following defendants had his conviction overturned by the Supreme Court on the ground that he was denied his Sixth Amendment right to an impartial jury?

(A) Dr. Sam Sheppard  (B) The Son of Sam  (C) John Hinckley  (D) Mike Tyson

Which of the following is NOT a right guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment?

(A) The right to a speedy trial (B) The right to a public trial (C) The right to a trial in the district where the crime was committed (D) The right to appeal a conviction

What is the term used to describe the process used to obtain the "impartial jury" guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment?

(A) imperious crumpus   (B) veniring  (C)  voir dire  (D)  rolling the jury

Seventh Amendment Hole (Par 3)

Tee shot: What amount of money must be in controversy in order to trigger the Seventh Amendment right to a civil jury trial?

(A) $20 (B)  $100  (C)  $2,000   (D) $10,000

The Seventh Amendment jury trial right applies in which of the following situations?

(A) An action for an injunction (B) A federal trial for money damages (C) A deportation proceeding (D) All of the situations listed above

When was the Seventh Amendment first applied to the states?

(A) 1925  (B) 1947  (C)  1968  (D) It never has been
Eighth Amendment Hole (Par 3)

Tee shot: How many inmates were on death row when the Supreme Court in 1972 in Furman vs. Georgia found all existing death penalty statutes to constitute cruel or unusual punishment?

(A) 50  (B) 100   (C) 300   (D) 600.

While sitting on the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals Harry Blackmun wrote an opinion finding a practice used on troublesome inmates in the Arkansas prison system to be unconstitutional. The practice involved attaching electrical cords to prisoners' genitals and administering shocks. The name given to the practice was what?

(A) Jameson's Juicer (B) Tucker's Telephone (C) Nelson's Nuts Rattler (D) Wilson's Wake-Up Call

When, according to the Supreme Court, does a prison guard violate an inmate's Eighth Amendment rights?

(A) When he "unnecessarily and wantonly inflicts pain" (B) When he causes "a significant injury" (C) When he "negligently or intentionally inflicts injury"
(D) Never

The Supreme Court ruled an Eighth Amendment claim involving which of the following circumstances could proceed to trial?

(A) An inmate who was double-celled with a chain smoker (B) An inmate who was fed only bread and water for 30 days (C) An inmate who was double-celled with a religious fanatic (D) An inmate who was kept in a cell with a temperature of 50 degrees
Ninth Amendment Hole (Par 3)

Tee shot: When asked about the Ninth Amendment in his Senate confirmation hearings, Robert Bork compared the Amendment to which of the following?

(A) Pandora's Box  (B) A Rorschach test  (C) An inkblot  (D) A black box

Which Justice in his opinion in Griswold vs. Connecticut, the contraceptives case, emphasized the Ninth Amendment as a justification for liberally construing the Bill of Rights?

(A) Harlan (B) Douglas  (C) Warren  (D) Goldberg

The Ninth Amendment was Madison's response to the concern of a contemporary who worried that the Bill of Rights was dangerous because it suggested "that those rights which were not singled out were intended to be assigned into the hands of the general government, and were consequently insecure." Who made the objection to which Madison responded?

(A) Patrick Henry (B) Alexander Hamilton (C) George Washington (D) Ben Franklin.