Publisher Robert Harrison's Statement: A New Direction (Confidential, April, 1958)


  Pardon us while we take a bow.
      It’s a proud bow.
      We’re proud because we like our new look which begins with this issue.
       If CONFIDENTIAL seems changed . . . if you’ve noticed a new complexion, it’s because we’ve broadened our outlook.
       We’re quitting the area of private affairs for the arena of public affairs. Some found fault with the private affairs.  Some criticized.
       But many eulogized and admired.
       Where we pried and peeked, now we’ll probe, and occasionally we’ll take a poke.
       If wiseacres say that we’ve retreated from the bedroom, we’ll say yes, that’s true…. From now on we’ll search and survey the thoroughfares of the globe for stories of public interest that are uncensored and off the record… It’s a big world, a foolish world, a crazy world… and we’ll be taking you on an inside tour, telling the facts and naming the names.
                                                                                                 --ROBERT HARRISON