The Impeachment Trial
of President William Clinton:
Selected Images

The President and Monica Lewinsky
President Clinton
Monica Lewinsky
The President Greets Lewinsky in a Crowd
The President with Lewinsky
The President with Lewinsky (2)
The President Testifies

Other Key Participants in the Saga
Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr
Time Magazine Cover with Clinton and Starr
Linda Tripp
Paula Jones
Vernon Jordan
Betty Currie
Sidney Blumenthal
Senate Majority Leader Lott and Minority Leader Daschle
House Judiciary Chair Henry Hyde
The House Impeachment Trial Managers
House Managers (from CNN)
Attorney for the President, Charles Ruff

The Blue Stained Dress
Gifts to Lewinsky from the President
Kenneth Starr's Boxes of Evidence

Trial Scenes in the Senate
Swearing in of Chief Justice
The Trial Opens
Trial Scene 2
Former Senator Dale Bumpers Speaks for President

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