Bruno Hauptmann Trial:
A Chronology

1924, November Hauptmann enters the United States.
1927, May 21 Lindbergh makes the first solo air crossing of the Atlantic.
1927, December Lindbergh meets Anne Morrow on Latin American good-will tour.
1929, May 27 Lindbergh marries Anne Morrow.
1930, June 22 Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. born.
1932, January The Lindberghs move into their new estate in Hopewell, New Jersey.
1932, March 1 Charles, Jr. is kidnapped from the Lindbergh estate in Hopewell.
1932, March 2 Reporters and souveneir hunters swarm over the Lindbergh estate.
1932, March 5 The Lindberghs receive their first communication from kidnappers since the crime.
1932, March 8 Dr. John F. Condon publishes open letter to the kidnappers in the Bronx Home News.
1932, March 9 Kidnapper responds to Condon letter.
1932, March 10 Lindberghs agree to allow Condon to act as intermediary.
1932, March 12 Condon, a.k.a. “Jafsie,” meets with kidnapper.
1932, April 2 Condon pays kidnapper $50,000 ransom
1932, May 12 The remains of Charles, Jr. are discovered near the Lindbergh estate in Hopewell.
1934, Sept. 19 Bruno Richard Hauptmann is arrested for the crime.
1934, Sept. 24 Hauptmann arraigned before New York magistrate on extortion charge.
1934, Oct. 10 New Jersey grand jury indicts Hauptmann on murder and kidnapping charges.
1935, Jan. 2 Hauptmann trial begins in Flemington, New Jersey.
1935, Feb. 14 Hauptmann is convicted and sentenced to death.
1935, June 20 Defense team appeals conviction to New Jersey’s highest tribunal.
1935, Oct. 9 The first appeal is denied.
1935, Oct. 15 Defense team files second appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.
1935, Dec. 5 New Jersey Governor asks the New Jersey Court of Pardons to grant Hauptmann a personal interview to assess clemency.
1935, Dec. 9 Second appeal is rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court.
1936, Jan. 11 Court of Pardons hears Hauptmann’s plea and denies clemency.
1936, Jan. 16 Anna Hauptmann appeals to New Jersey Governor for a stay; stay is granted.
1936, March 30 Court of Pardons hears Hauptman’s plea a second time and denies clemency.
1936, April 3 Hauptman is executed.
1981 Hauptmann’s widow, Anna, continues to proclaim her husband’s innocence; she petitions the state of New Jersey to release secret evidence in a continuing attempt to clear her husband’s name.

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