Ransom Notes, Responses And Other Communications

Dear Sir! Have 50,000$ redy 2500$ in 20$ bills 1 5000$ in 10$ bills and 10000$ in 5$ bills. After 2-4 days we will inform you were to deliver the Mony. We warn you for making anyding public or for the polise the child is in gut care. Indication for all letters are signature and 3 holes. 

     Dear Sir. We have warned you note to make anything public also notify the police now you have to take consequences — means we will have to hold the baby until everything is quite. We can note make any appointmant just now. We know very well what it means to us. It is (is it) realy necessary to make a world affair out of this, or to get your baby back as soon as possible to settle those affair in a quick way will be better for both — don't by afraid about the baby — keeping care of us day and night. We also will feed him according to the diet. We are interested to send him back in gut health. And ransom was made aus for 50000 $ but now we have to take another person to it and probably have to keep the baby for a longer time as we expected. So the amount will be 70000 20000 in 50$ bills 25000 $ in 20$ bill 15000 $ in 10$ bills and 10000 in 5$ bills Don't mark any bills or take them from one serial nomer. We will form you latter were to deliver the money. But we will note do so until the Police is out of the cace and the pappers are qute. The kidnaping we prepared in years so we are prepared for everyding. 
     Dear Sir: Did you receive ouer letter from March 4. we sent the mail on one off the letter — near Boro Hall, Brooklyn. We know Police interfer with your privatmail. How can we come to any arrangements this way. in the future we will send our letters to Mr. Breckenbridge at 25 Broadway. We believe polise captured two letter and let not forwarded to you. We will not accept any go-between from your sent. We will arrangh theas latter. There is no worry about the boy. He is very well and will be feed according to the diet. Best dank for information about it. We are interested to send your boy back in gut health. It is necessary to make a world-affair out of it, or to get your boy back as soon as possible. Why did you ignore oue letter which we left in the room the baby would be back long ago. You would not get any result from Polise becauce our kinaping was pland for a year allredy. But we were afraid the boy would not be strong enough. Ouer ransom was made out for 50000$ but now we have to put another to it as propperly have to hold the baby longer as we expected so it will be 70000$ 20000 in 50$ bills 25000 in 25$ 12000$ in 10$ bills and 10000 in 5$ bills. We warn you again not to mark any bills or take them for one ser.No. We will inform you latter how to deliver the mony but not before the polise is out of this cace and the pappers are quite. 
     If the kidnappers of our child are unwilling to deal direct we fully authorize ‘Salvy' Spitale and Irving Bitz to act as our go-between. We will also follow any other methods suggested by the kidnappers that we can be sure will bring the return of our child.

Charles Lindbergh  Anne Lindbergh 

     I offer all I can scrape together so a loving mother may again have her child and Col. Lindbergh may know that the American people are grateful for the honor bestowed upon them by his pluck and daring. Let the kidnappers know that no testimony of mine, or information coming from me will be used against them. I offer $1,000 which I have saved from my salary as additional to the suggested ransom of $50,000 which is said to have been demanded by Col. Lindbergh. I stand ready at my own expense to go anywhere, alone, to give the kidnapper the extra money and promise never to utter his name to any person. If this is not agreeable, then I ask the kidnappers to go to any Catholic priest and return the child unharmed, with the knowledge that any priest must hold inviolate any statement which may be made by the kidnappers.

[Dr. John Condon]

Mr. Dr. John Condon 2974 Decatur Ave. New York, NY

     dear Sir: If you are willing to act as go-between in the Lindbergh case please follow strictly instruction. Handel incloced letter personaly to Mr. Lindbergh. It will explain everything. don't tell anyone about it as soon we find out the press or Police is notified everything are cancell and it will be a further delay. After you get the money from Mr. Lindbergh put these 3 words in the New-York American.
     Mony is redy After notise we will give you further instruction. don't be affraid we are not out for your 1000$ keep it. Only act stricly. Be at home every night between 6-12 by this time you will hear from us.

          dear Sir. please handel incloced letter to Col. Lindbergh. It is in Mr. Lindbergergh interest not to notify the Police.
          dear Sir, Mr. Condon may act as go-between. You may give him the 70000$. make one packet the size will bee about....(sketch of a box) we have notify your already in what kind of bills. We warn you not to set any trapp in any way. If you or someone els will notify the Police ther will be a further delay After we have the mony in hand we will tell you where to find your boy You may have a airplain redy it is about 150 mil awy. But befor telling you the odr. a delay of 8 houers will be between. 

Mr. Condon
     We trust you, but we will note come in your hous it is to danger. even you can note know if Police or secret servise is watching you follow this instruction.
     Take a car and drive to the last supway station from jerome Ave here. 100 feet from this last station on the left seide is a empty frankfurther stand with a big open Porch around, you will find a notise in senter of the porch underneath a stove.
     this notise will tell
     you were to find us.
     act accordingly.
     After 3/4 of a houer be on the place, bring the mony with you. 
     Cross the street and follow the fence from the cemetery direction to 233rd Street. I will meet you. 
     Money is ready. No cops. No Secret Service. No press. I come alone, like last time. Jafsie. 
     Dear Sir: Ouer man faill to collect the mony. There are no more confidential conference after we meeting from March 12. Those arrangemts to hazardous for us. We will note allow ouer man to confer in a way like befor. Circumstance will note allow us to make transfare like you wish. It is impollibly for us. wy shuld we move the baby and face danger. to take another person to the place is entirely out of question. It seems you are afraid if we are the right party and if the boy is allright. Well you have ouer singnature. It is always the same of the first one specialy them 3 holes.

     Now we will send you the sleepingsuit from the baby besides it means 3$ extra expenses because we have to pay another one. please tell Mrs. Lindbergh note to worry the baby is well. we only have to give him more food as the diet says.
     You are willing to pay the 70000 note 50000 $ without seeing the baby first or note. let us know about that in the New York-American. We can't do it other ways because we don't like to give up ouer safty plase or to move the baby. If you are willing to accept this deal put these in paper.
     I accept mony is redy
     ouer program is:
     After 8 houers we have the mony received we will notify you where to find the baby. If there is any trapp, you will be responsible what will follows. 
     I accept. Money is ready. John, your package is delivered and is O.K. Direct me. Jafsie. 
     Inform me how I can get important letter to you. Urgent. Jafsie. 
     Dear Sir: You and Mr. Lindbergh know ouer program. If you don't accept den we will wait until you agree with ouer deal. We know you have to come to us anyway But why should Mrs. And Mr. Lindbergh suffer longer as necessary we will note communicate with you or Mr. Lindbergh until you write so in the paper.

     we will tell you again; this kidnapping cace whas prepared for a year already so the Police won't have any luck to find us or the child. You only puch everything farther out did you send that little package to Mr. Lindbergh? it contains the sleepingsuit for the baby. the baby is well.
     Mr. Linbergh only wasting time with his search. 
     Thanks. That little package you sent me was immediately delivered and accepted as real article. See my position. Over fifty years in business and can I pay without seeing the goods? Common sense makes me trust you. Please understand my position. Jafsie. 
     Money is ready. Furnish simple code for us to use in paper. Jafsie. 
     dear Sir: It is note necessary to furnish any code. You and Mr. Lindbergh know ouer Program very well. We will keep the child in ouer same plase until we have the money in hand, but if the deal is note closed until the 8 of April we will ask for 30000 more. also note 70000 - 100000.

     How can Mr. Lindbergh follow so many false clues he knows we are the right party ouer singnature is still the same as in the ransom note. But if Mr. Lindbergh likes to fool around for another month, we can help it.
     Once he has come to us anyway but if he keeps on waiting we will double ouer amount. There is absolute no fear aboud the child it is well. 
     I accept. Money is ready. Jafsie. 
     Dear Sir: have the money ready by Saturday evening. we will inform you where and how to deliver it. have the money in one bundle we want you t put it in a sertain place. Ther is no fear that somebody els will take it, we watch everthing closely. Blease tell us know if you are agree and ready for action by Saturday eveining — if yes put in paper

          "Yes everthing O.K."
     It is a very simple delivery but we find out ver sun if there is any trapp. After 8 houers you gett the Adr: from the boy. on the place you find two ladies. the are innocence.
     If it is too late put it in the New York American for Saturday maorning. Put it in New York Journal. 
     Yes. Everything O.K. Jafsie. 
     Dear Sir: take a car and follow tremont Ave to the east until you reach the number 3225 tremont ave.

     It is a nursery. Bergen Greenhauses florist
     ther is a table standing outside right on the door, you find a letter undernead the table covert with a stone, read and follow instruction.      Don't speak to anyone on the way. If there is a ratio alarm for policecar, we warn you, we have the same eqipnent. have the money in one bundle. We give you 3/4 of a houer to reach the place 
     Cross the street and walk to the next corner and follow whittenmore Ave to the soud Take the money with you. Come alone and walk. I will meet you. 
     The boy is on the Boad Nelly. It is a small boad 28 feet long. Two persons are on the boad. The are innosent. you will find the Boad between Horseneck Beach and gay Head near Elizabeth Island.

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