The Chicago Eight Trial: Audio Clips
These audio clips are taken from ten reel-to-reel tapes donated to the UMKC School of Law
 by the office manager of the Chicago Eight defense firm.  The clips include interviews with defense lawyers, defense witnesses, and the defendants themselves. 

PDFs of Cue sheet for interviews: PAGE 1   PAGE 2   PAGE 3   PAGE 4.


Defense Attorney William Kunstler (1971,72 seconds, 149K)

Defendant Abbie Hoffman (1970, 66 seconds, 135K)**
Defendant Tom Hayden (1970, 27 seconds,55K)**
Defendant Rennie Davis (1970, 41 seconds, 84K)**
Defendant Jerry Rubin (1970, 56 seconds, 104K)**
Prosecutor Thomas Foran (1970, 13 seconds, 27K)
Prosecutor Richard Schultz (1970,16 seconds, 33K)
Country Joe McDonald, Witness (1970, 55 seconds, 111K)**
Norman Mailer, Witness (1970, 132 seconds, 270K)**
Julian Bond, Witness (1970, 60 seconds, 123K)**


Audio Tape 1
[Bobby Seale, Charles Garry]
Audio Tape 2
[David Dellinger, Jerry Rubin]
Audio Tape 3
[Rennie Davis, Lee Weiner (part 1)]
Audio Tape 4
[Lee Weiner (part 2), Abbie Hoffman, John Froines]
Audio Tape 5
[Tom Hayden, William Kunstler]
Audio Tape 6
[William Kunstler (part 2), Lee Weinglass]
Audio Tape 7
[James Kunan, Jane Kennedy, Arlo Guthrie, Renault Robinson, Lee Edmundson, Don Duncan]
Audio Tape 8
[Norman Mailer, Wesley Pomoroy, Jesse Jackson, Straughton Lynd, Tom Hayden]
Audio Tape 9
[Country Joe McDonald, Stuart Meecham, Ed Sanders, Paul Krassner, Monsignor Rice]
Audio Tape 10
[Julian Bond, discussion of significance of trial]
Bobby Seale 1
Bobby Seale 2

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