The Mutiny on the Bounty: Selected Images

Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820)
Botany enthusiast and patron of the Bounty's mission to gather breadfruit.
Painting by Benjamin West, 1771.

Bounty Drawing of Bounty
Draft plan of the Bounty, including the fittings for transporting breadfruit plants.

Tahiti (Vaitephiha Bay) in 1777
Painting by John Webber

Bligh's Attempt to Land after Mutiny on Tofua
Painting by Robert Cleveley, 1790.

Arrival of Bligh and Loyalists at Timor after Mutiny
Painting by Charles Benazech.

Mutineers Landing at Pitcairn Island

Painting by Richard Beechey, c.1825

The Sinking of the Pandora
Engraving by Lt. Colonel Batty, based on a sketch by Peter Heywood .

Samuel Hood, First Viscount Hood (1724 - 1816)
Lord Hood, Commander in Chief at Portsmouth.
Painting by Lemuel Francis Abbott.

Portsmouth Harbor, Scene of the Court-Martial
Painting by Edward William Cook

Residence of John Adams on Pitcairn Island
Painting by Sir John Barrow, 1831.

Fletcher Christian's Son, Thursday October Christian
By John Shillibeer, c. 1814

Transplanting Breadfruit from Tahiti.
Painting by Thomas Gosse, 1796.