Testimony of Ray Buckey
Direct Examination by Defense Attorney Daniel Davis:

"When you dropped out of class, did you. . . drop by the preschool?"
"No. I didn't want my parents to know that I wasn't attending classes."
 "During the time that you were at the McMartin Preschool, did you ever reach an agreement of any kind with other teachers. . . that you would attempt to conceal children being molested at the preschool?"
"You heard Arthur describe your mother as being in her bra at the preschool. . . . Did you ever see anything like that at the preschool?"
"From what you know of your mother, is she the type of person who would do that at the preschool?"
"She would not even do it at home.".
"Objection. "
"Sustained. The answer is stricken."
"You heard suggestions that your mother was naked at the preschool. Is that something you ever saw at the preschool?"
"Have you ever been in St. Cross Church?"
"Never in my life."
"Have you ever touched a child to arouse or obtain sexual gratification?"
"Have you ever knowingly exposed your penis to a child?"
"Did you ever hurt [name of alleged victim]?"
"Did you ever molest ------ in any way?"
"Did you ever sodomize -------?"
"Did you ever sodomize anybody?"
 "Have you ever been a member of any type of network of child molesters or involved in the sale or production of kiddie porn?"
"Have you ever seen kiddie porn?"
"Did you ever put your finger into the vaginal opening of a child?"
"Did you ever kill a horse with a baseball bat?"
"Were you ever there when [one of the child witnesses] was at the preschool?"
"Have you ever been in the men's room at the Red Carpet Car Wash?" 
"Have you ever been inside the women's room at the Red Carpet Car Wash?"
"Did George Freeman ever talk to you about sex?"
 "His sex. He told me about his ex-wives. He told me about the women he had sex with and the men he had sex with...."

 Cross-examination by Lael Rubin:

 "Did you tell George Freeman that you screwed Peter in the ass?" 
 "No, and I don't use your kind of language, Miss Rubin...." 
"Did you have sexual intercourse with Barbara?" 
"Yes, we did." 
"Mr. Buckey, did you see that portion of a [D.A.] report that states that Barbara said that she did not have sexual intercourse with you that night?" 
"Would you describe your sexual relationship with Barbara?"
"In which location?"
"The Fantasy Motel."
"Sexual intercourse."
"Is there any reason that Barbara would say that you did not have sexual intercourse with her?"
"I'm sure she has her reasons. I'd like to hear them."
"Now, you're aware of the fact that Barbara told the district attorney investigator that she. . ."
"Objection! Hearsay."
"Overruled. It's not offered for the truth of the matter."
"Are you aware of the fact, Mr. Buckey, that Barbara has told district attorney investigators that she tried to seduce you but that you wouldn't be seduced?" 
"I believe the report says that. I don't know her reasons...." 
 "Did you and Barbara sleep under your pyramid?" 
 "Mr. Buckey, have you talked with any of your friends about your relationship with Barbara?"
"Objection. Vague as to time. Otherwise irrelevant."
"Sustained.... "
"Did Barbara get along with your mother?"
"I don't remember."
"Mr. Buckey, isn't it true that your mother told you to get rid of Barbara?" 
"I know she wasn't happy that I had a woman living in my apartment with me. The whole family wasn't too happy about it."
"Why is that?"
"Objection. Calls for speculation."
"Overruled. "
"It was their morals. I didn't think it was immoral....I was very much in love with Barbara. " "Mr. Buckey," Rubin asked. "Do you have a belief that child molesters do not have relationships with adult females?"
 "It's common sense. If you have a perversion for children you wouldn't have a desire for female adults."
"Is that your belief based on your experience?"
"What experience?"
"Having a perverted interest in children and therefore not having an interest in women?"
 ". . . I can't imagine it. . . . It's like mixing apples and oranges. It's like homosexuality. You wouldn't have an interest in females."
"Have you met or heard about individuals who are bisexual?"
"I've heard of it but I can't imagine it."
"Now, isn't it true, Mr. Buckey, that in order to counter a claim that you had a sexual interest in children, you came up with and fabricated this account of sexual intercourse with Barbara?"
"I have no sexual desire for children, never had and never will...." 

McMartin Preschool Abuse Trial