Testimony by Betty Raidor
(Witness for the Defense)
Direct Examination by Defense Attorney Dean Gits:

"How long have you known Ray Buckey?" 

"Ever since Peggy brought him home from the hospital."
"Was there a reason why he was in the hospital?" 

"He was born...."

"Did you ever see dead animals at the preschool?" 

"If you call a bird an animal, yes."

"Did you see the bird die?"

"And what was done with the bird after it died [having been accidentally crushed in a door]?"

"Peggy went out and buried it."

"Objection. "

"Sustained. "

"She told me she was going to bury it."

"Objection. Hearsay."

"Sustained. The answer is stricken."

"She went into her offIce in tears."
"What was done with the bird?"

"She was holding the bird...."

"Did you ever see Peggy Buckey naked?"

"Never! "

"Did you ever see naked children?"


"Did you ever see Ray Buckey naked?"

Cross-examination by Prosecutor Lael Rubin:

"On several occasions, you told [a mother] that you didn't like to leave Raymond Buckey alone with kids, correct?"

"That is not correct."

"Did you say that you told Mrs. B- that Raymond Buckey was not a qualified teacher?"

"That is different from behaving improperly."

"Mrs. Raidor, please answer my question! The question was 'Did you tell Mrs. B- that Raymond Buckey was not a qualified teacher?' "


"My question was, Mrs. Raidor, what caused you to say Raymond Buckey was not a qualified teacher?"

"His lack of experience and not having a very definite program, but then that was my opinion...."

McMartin Preschool Abuse Trial