Notes from an Interview with Judy Johnson
Judy Johnson, the parent who first reported an incident of sexual abuse at the McMartin Preschool,
 continued to contact the District Attorney's office to make new, and increasingly bizarre, charges. 
The following notes are directly taken from a summary of an interview with Johnson, as reported by a deputy district attorney.
February 15-16, 1984

Billy describes having communion in a church.  A prayer similar in sound to the Lord's prayer was recited.  A goat climbed up higher, higher, higher.  Then a bad man threw it down the stairs.  It woke up later.  Ray poked Peggy at the altar.  Lots of candles; they were black.  Ray picked his rt. pointer finger.  It bled.  Ray put it in the goat's anus.  Nobody had clothes on under the robes.  Billy had a robe on too.  They put a band aide on his finger.  Old Grandma played the piano.  Lots of threats were made against Billy and his family.  It is unclear whether it was a doll or real baby (Billy says real baby) but the head was chopped off and the brains were burned.  Billy said Peggy killed the baby.  Peggy had scissors in the church and she cut Billy's hair.  Billy had to drink the babies [sic] blood.  Ray wanted Billy's spit.  He put it on the altar.  The baby was big like Billy.  It screamed.  When Billy's bottom was bleeding Ray put a tampax in his bottom to stop the bleeding, then he took it out.  The red circled people in this ad [referring to a newspaper ad for a local health club] are all familiar to Billy.  The 3 women are witches.  The man poked them.  Peggy, Babs, and Betty [the preschool owner and two teachers] dressed up as witches too.  The person who buried Billy is Miss Betty.  There were no holes in the coffin.  Babs went with him on a train with another girl where he was hurt by men in suits.  Ray waved good bye.  The train moved fast.  It had lights.  Ray took him back to school.  Possibly [location of organization] Big Brothers.  Peggy gave Billy an enema before he was taken away (from McMartin sch.) Staples were put in Billy's ears, nipples & tongue.  Babs put scissors in his eyes.  She hit him a lot.  She chopped up animals and said she would come in the night and take away.  She pushed his stomach and threw him against the wall.  He has extreme fear regarding Babs.  Also something awful would come in the window.  Ray made small babies cry.  Billy was hurt by a lion.  An elephant played with the lion, squirted H20.  Then the lion didn't move.  Billy was on his back.  Ray let him pull the lion's tail.  The lion roared but didn’t' move.  Betty was there, and other people.  One lady took pictures.

February 22, 1984

Billy feels that he left LAX in an airplane and flew to Palm Springs area.  Described the airplane as one like used by federal express only it had windows.  Billy went to armory located behind Judy (?) residence.  Ray drove there in his VW bus.  Billy went with Peggy who drove a red and white VW bus, at the armory there were some people there wearing army uniforms.  The goat man was there.  After going to the armory, Billy was taken to Sand Dune Park, at the armory it was a ritual type atmosphere.  When Billy was taken to a church, Judy believes it was the Church of Religious Science [address].  At the church Peggy drilled a child under the arms (arm pits.) Atmosphere was that of magic acts.  (Ray flew through the air.)


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