Testimony by Charles Buckey
(Witness for the Defense)
Re-Direct Examination by Defense Attorney Dean Gits:

"How long before he taught at the school was it that you knew he didn't wear underwear?" 

"About the time he got out of high school, so probably two or three years. "

Re-Cross Examination by Prosecutor Roger Gunson:

"Before Raymond Buckey started working at the preschool, did Mrs. Buckey talk to you about whether it would be appropriate for Raymond Buckey to work at the preschool?"


"And in that conversation did you talk about Mr. [Raymond] Buckey's viewing these Playboy and Penthouse magazines?"

"That was never discussed." 

"Did you talk with Mrs. Buckey about Raymond Buckey looking at this more explicit material and also working at the preschool?"


"Did you discuss with Mrs. Peggy Buckey the appropriateness of Mr. Raymond Buckey working at the preschool without wearing underpants?"

"It was discussed."

"And did that conversation take place before Raymond Buckey was arrested?"


"And did you decide that it was okay for Mr. Raymond Buckey to not wear underwear?"

"Considering the times, I did not approve but I did not disapprove."

"And did you discuss your not approving to Mrs. Peggy Buckey?"

"Yes. "

"Did Mrs. Peggy Buckey tell you about Raymond Buckey exposing himself at the preschool?"

"She never told me that."

"Did Mrs. Peggy Buckey tell you about Raymond Buckey exposing himself at the soccer team practice?"

"When you say 'exposing himself' I think you have the wrong connotation. The answer to that would be 'no.' "

"Is there some understanding that you had with Raymond Buckey that his genitals were viewed by girls on the soccer team?"


"Did you hear any other complaints by other persons that Mr. Raymond Buckey's genitals were observed?"


"Was there a complaint about someone seeing Mr. Raymond Buckey's genitals in a private setting?"
"I never heard it, no."

 "Does that refresh your memory?"

"No, it does not! I don't know when that was published, and I don't know who published it."

"Did anyone complain to you about anything related to that?"

"No. "

"Did you have a feeling that he should not be at the school without underwear?"

"No, I did not have that feeling."

"Did you disapprove of him being at the school without underwear?"


"I have no further questions."

Re-Direct Examination by Defense Attorney Daniel Davis:

"Mr. Buckey, did you ever talk to Raymond Buckey about why it is that he wasn't wearing underwear?"

"Yes. "

"And after you talked to Ray about why he wasn't wearing underwear, did you instruct him that he probably should wear underwear?"

"No, I did not."

"How was it that you came to determine that your son wasn't wearing underwear?"

"I think it became a topic of conversation that he and many of his friends did not, and he sided with his friends."

Re-Cross Examination by Roger Gunson:

 "Mr. Buckey, did you have any concern about Raymond Buckey being in the preschool not wearing underwear?"


"Did you have a concern that the children may see his genitals?"


"Did you have a concern that children were sitting on Raymond Buckey's lap while he did not have underwear on?"

"Not my concern."

"Did you tell Mrs. Buckey that you disapproved of Mr. Buckey's not wearing underwear while children were sitting on his lap?"

"I never made that comment."

"Did you have a concern that preschoolers at McMartin Preschool would see Mr. Raymond Buckey's genitals because his shorts were shorter than his legs?"

"Never entered my mind."

"Did you have a concern that children would be moving in front of Raymond Buckey and they would see his genitals?"

"It never entered my mind."

"In conversation did you explore the possible effect upon the children if they were to see the genitals of Mr. Raymond Buckey?"
"No. "

"Did Raymond Buckey tell you the reasons why he didn't wear underwear?"

"Yes. "

"And was one of those reasons comfort?"

"The word was 'constricting,' so comfort would be the answer, yes."

"So Raymond Buckey told you that he wanted to be able to wear loose-fitting clothing?"


"Did you at any time go into the bedroom and see him lying without his clothing on?"

"Never. "

"Did you ever see him lying on the bed with pornographic pictures surrounding him?"


"And when Raymond Buckey started teaching at the preschool you had no concern about him wearing loose-fitting clothing at the preschool?"

"Objection. Asked and answered."

"Sustained. "

"I have no further questions. "

McMartin Preschool Abuse Trial