Interview with Peggy Buckey, former owner of the McMartin Preschool (August 6, 1990)

Peggy Buckey in court

 Bob Currie came over, he lived across the street and up the hill a little ways.  He came over as a friend.  And I went for it.  He said, "Peggy I don't know if your son is guilty or not but my kid could not remember because it's too many years ago."  [Ray Buckey was arrested on 3 counts of child molestation on September 7, 1983]…Now Bob's trying to say that all his kids were molested by Ray….So Bob would come over.  He would tease me and say he had a crush on me.  And I said that's a bunch of baloney.  Bob would come [over] and say will how are things going Peg?  I can still see the last time when we were sitting and he said: "You know Peg, I was at a meeting last night.  They're out to destroy you and your mother, take your school, your reputation, all you money from you."  And I said, "Oh Bob, that's silly, they’re not going to do that."  That's exactly what they did do.  Now Bob kept asking me - he wanted to buy the school.  Even asked my mother.  He got very provoked at me one time.  He called me after we closed the school-we closed the school down, not the state.  We decided after the threats that it wasn't fair to Babbs [another teacher] and the children so we closed it down in about the middle of January.

 In February I was attacked in my back yard and cut all up between my legs.  I had been getting threatening calls and letters, and then one of my fathers [a McMartin parent], (father's name) came to the door.  This was after the school was closed.  He had all this beard and goatee.  First I didn't recognize him and of course I have a screen door.  And he called me every name unbelievable under the sun. And I of course don't know at first who he is.  And he said, "And if I see your son I'm going to kill him"….I had to open the screen door…and I saw Ray down at the end [of the street] and I thought "Oh please God, don't have him come up here because this dad is out of control.  He [the father] was so angry that as he left our yard he took the gate and threw it so hard [against the house] that he broke it and knocked off some things on my wall.  Of course, I called Chuck [her husband] and he called the police who came down and filed a report.  In February….I very stupidly took a small pair of scissors [for protection] and I let my dogs in the house and I went out to the back.  You know, in Manhattan Beach how houses are on the side of a hill and you have to walk back to the alley.  And as I walked back…someone grabbed me from the back, and I passed out.  This guy threatened me that he would harm my mother.  He took scissors and he cut  me on the side of the vagina, just cut me all over.  He said if I told anyone he would get my mom.  

McMartin Preschool Abuse Trial